Mobile Onsite: Automotive Bumper, Scratch & Dent Repair

Bumper & Body Repair

Vinyl Plastic Bumper Repair
is a process that restores your damaged bumper within hours, not days! Unlike traditional methods, we save you time, money and stress because our mobile units come directly to your home or office. This convenient process is performed usually within 2 hours and restored using the highest quality paint products. No matter what happened to your plastic bumper, such as, bumper scuffs, dents, scratches, cracks or punctures, we can restore your damaged bumper without replacing it. Our state of the art repair vehicles come equipped with a computerized paint measuring and mixing system that achieves the exact color matches for plastic bumper repair.

Metal Body Repairs
if you have a metal panel that needs paint or scratch repair and is too severe for paint touch-up or air brush, we can “smart repair”(small minor area repair technology) your blemished area. A “Smart Repair” involves spot blending the damaged panel without having to paint multiple or large areas. This process usually takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the color, location and damage.


Interior Repair
We also offer minor repairs to leather car seats and door panels finish. We use the same interior repair systems and coatings found in many OEM products.